Why Print Media is Still Important and Relevant for Your Business

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Blog

We live in a very online orientated world. Everything is there at the touch of a button. We consume our news and information, find entertainment and even shop via the Internet. A lot of businesses turn to email marketing, blogging and social media marketing in order to get in front of their audience. This is usually to try and increase the traffic to their website, as well as convert leads into customers. However, just because everything is online these days, it doesn’t mean that print media is useless. Below we will go into why print media is still important and relevant for your business.

What is the Value of Print Media?

A study on MarketingProfs revealed that a whopping 92% of 18-to-23-year olds preferred to read print over digital content because it was easier. They also revealed that direct print marketing had a 37% higher response rate than email. Not only that, but the statistics also showed that customers tend to trust print advertisements by 34% more then they trusted search engine ads.

Consumers and readers of small magazines are far more engaged when reading print material, unlike when they are browsing the Internet. Also, the publications at the moment are less crowded, meaning that your advert can really shine and stand out.

The truth is print media is not going to die anytime soon. Hurrah! In fact, print media offers businesses a way to really stand out from their competitors and attract new audiences in a very effective way.

The Audience Reach: Online Vs Print

When it comes to marketing and advertising your business online, you will have to find the different platforms where your audience hangs out. This will be different for each type of audience you have. For example, different age groups will be on several different platforms. The younger generations will be on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, whereas the older generations will be on Facebook, or searching through Google. So, you will have to work extra hard to make sure you reach the maximum amount of people.

That’s because everyone’s online habits are very different, so your business will have to make up for that and ensure that you are marketing to these various areas.

However, the great thing about print media is that you can reach multiple generations in the same space. Younger generations are still looking at print just as much as the older ones are. In fact, statistics from MNI found that the younger generations are reading more print material than the old ones are. They are seeing the benefits of switching off from technology.

So, when you are investing in print media, you are able to target a vast audience and reach multiple generations than you would be through marketing online alone. Not only are you able to open yourself up to advertising to a wider audience, but you are also opening yourself up to niche audiences that may be more difficult to target online.

What’s the ROI with Print Advertising?

When investing in advertisement space, the main thing you will want to know is what your return will be. Physical copies of magazines in homes and businesses have a much longer shelf life than an online advert or page. This means that they are seen by more people.

When you get a magazine through your door what do you tend to do? Most people will place this magazine on their coffee table, in their magazine rack or on the kitchen side. It tends to stay there for a few weeks whilst you casually flick through. In a public space you will find that people will also flick through, whether they’re waiting for an appointment or just having relaxation time in a cafe.

Think about the last advert you saw online. Can you even remember it? I certainly can’t. As soon as somebody clicks off a website, they will instantly forget the advert that they just saw. However, if somebody was to see the same advert whilst flicking through a magazine the message is more likely to stick. Plus, as readers we tend to make sure that we have taken in the information off all of the page when it’s in print rather than what we see on the Internet.

Don’t let your advertisement disappear into cyberspace instantaneously, allow your advert to become a physical print with a longer shelf life.

Credible Sources

Anyone can pay to have an ad on the Internet. However, over time audiences have become far more cautious with what they see online. That’s because the internet is full of spam and dodgy looking adverts which can cause viruses. The other thing is, you can’t trust that advertisement online because anyone can put one on there. Does this make it credible? Everyone on the Internet is competing with each other so how do you know who to use and trust?

When it comes to print magazines, you will find that the editor of the magazine will only allow credible sources of information to be placed in their magazines. So, when you get this directly through your door, you can trust the ad and its source. Here at Focus Magazine, we vet every ad that comes through our door. We are proud to provide our audience with credible sources of information and ads that will genuinely help them.

Going ‘Old School’

A lot of businesses are forgetting about the power of print publication. They have forgotten that magazines such as Focus Magazine Fordingbridge and Ringwood get distributed to 16,000 homes in the local area and to local businesses. People forget that it has a much longer shelf life than a social media post or an advert online does.

They’re also forgetting that they have instant access to a larger audience with multiple generations. Thinking outside of the box and turning away from the online Internet world of competitiveness, by going ‘old school’ they are giving themselves an edge on the competition.

Great visuals

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? Print media is full of great visuals, especially here at Focus Magazines Fordingbridge and Ringwood. We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that the print publication is very attractive for our readers. This really helps visual readers who want to step away from the Internet and switch off for a few hours by flicking through a local magazine.

Another element to visuals is that print advertisements can really help to solidify your brand identity. By creating an advert that is consistent with your branding, using the same fonts colours and images, then you are allowing your audience to establish that brand recognition. Therefore, when they see anything from you in the future, be it a print advertisement or an online one, they will remember your business.

Supporting local businesses

This year has been challenging. The pandemic has really put a strain on the economy and a lot of the businesses out there. However, there is one positive that we can take away from this: people are going to be more willing to support small local businesses than going online to source everything.

When it comes to our local magazine, we know that people will be very supportive of those that advertise within us. That is because people want to make a stand against the big giants on the Internet and ensure that they are supporting local businesses. By having an advert with us, you will gain the support of our loyal readers across Fordingbridge and Ringwood.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to print magazines and advertising within them. If you would like to know more, then get in touch with Lizzie Amos at