The Contented Author!

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Community News

The last 18 months has been polarising for creative talents, many of whom have suffered with little-to-no work while others have used their skills and entrepreneurial spirit to diversify. Hampshire resident and freelance creative Daniel Tidbury put his skills to good use when his work dried up and now he’s celebrating the release of his debut children’s story, The Contented Pig. What began as a make it up as you go along story with his own children at bedtime slowly developed and found its way onto paper.
The Contented Pig follows a little pig who is envious of his farmyard friends and longs for a warm coat like theirs before realising he’s better off without. It’s a fun, educational story with a positive moral ending.
Lockdown provided the ideal opportunity for Tidbury to transform the short rhyming tale into a paperback book. As an all-round creative, typically working as a graphic designer, photographer and abstract artist, Tidbury was able to typeset the words and create some wonderfully stylised illustrations before professionally designing the book covers and pages ready for print. Entirely self-funded and self-published Tidbury is now on the long road to success as he attempts to secure distribution for his book through supermarkets, garden centres and bookstores, as well as online and from his own website.
We asked Tidbury what he was planning next… “I’m so thrilled to release the book after such a challenging time, I really hope children everywhere can enjoy and understand the moral of the story. I’ve got so many ideas – I’m excited about my next title and the future as an author. Please buy a copy and watch this space.
The Contented Pig is currently available in paperback from ISBN: 978-1-8384171-0-9.