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Q. How can you design print adverts that generate repeat business and attract new customers?

For our “Focus on Business” we’re doing “Marketing on Monday!” Today’s focus is on making the most of any print advert through better design.

Key points in this training video include the three key questions:
Q. Does your HEADLINE grab the attention of the right people? This means that the headline must identify the target customer and offer a clear benefit.
Q. Does the IMAGE amplify that attention, capturing their interest?
Q. Does your copy create a clear and urgent call-to-action – i.e., a reason and desire to take action today?

If there is no clear invitation to take action, there is almost no chance that the reader will take action under their own initiative. You’ve got their attention, built their interest, and may even have created a desire to engage, but if they don’t know exactly what to do, you’ve lost control of the vehicle that is your print ad. Maintain control and steer them towards your intended destination – the action you want them to take that’s in their genuine interest.

And so we invite you to come closer with that dangerous word, ‘free’.
Yes, for a limited time, (‘for a limited time’) you can have a free assessment of your proposed advert. A free assessment of your proposed advert! One of the marketing team will give you suggestions on how to get your print advert working harder for you and your business. All free. I know, it’s crazy.

Of course, if you’d prefer to pay, we have a paid-for service where we work with you to build a marketing campaign that will work for you in-print and on-line. Give us a call and we can chat through the level of support that would suit you best.

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