New Stars Appeal funded Maternity Entrance Opens at Salisbury Hospital

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Community News

Salisbury Hospital is delighted that the new entrance and reception for its maternity unit is now up and running.

The new building, which cost £120,000, has been funded by the Stars Appeal, Salisbury District Hospital’s Charity, and is the latest in a series of projects designed to improve the experience of expectant mothers and families.

Hannah Boyd – Acting Head of Midwifery and Neonatal Service said “It’s great to be able to welcome expectant parents to the maternity unit with a modern friendly reception area. For many years the entrance was via a gloomy entrance bay shared with ambulances. This new area is much more in keeping with a modern busy maternity unit.”

Consultant Surgeon and Chairman of the Stars Appeal Ambassadors Mr Graham Branagan said “We are thrilled that this new building, that will provide a warm welcome to tens of thousands of local families, is now open and in use. I’d like to thank everyone who donates to and fundraises for the Stars Appeal for their ongoing support. We never forget that without them, Stars Appeal projects like this simply wouldn’t be possible.

Image: Mae and George Grist at new Maternity Unit entrance