New ransomware warning for businesses

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Community News

A leading cyber security company is again warning businesses about ransomware attacks after they were described as the biggest threat to British businesses.

C3IA Solutions has supported claims by the head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Lindy Cameron that the criminals are becoming far more organised.

Indeed, ‘off the shelf’ ransomware kits are now available on the internet and for a one-off fee or profit-sharing agreement criminals can move seamlessly into the area of cyber crime.

Ms Cameron was giving a speech in which she said that the ‘cumulative effect’ of the ransomware attacks needs to be addressed.

Matt Horan of C3IA Solutions has seen the rise in the pernicious crime and has long been urging businesses to take the threat seriously.

He said: “This intervention by the NCSC is important because there is a growing problem.

“While state-sponsored attacks make the headlines, the consistent attacks on individuals and businesses are a major issue.

“What Lindy Cameron identified was the increased organisation of the criminals who now sell the tech that enables widespread attacks.

“It means any criminal – even those without any real cyber knowledge – can start to attack businesses online.

“While more companies do understand the threat, many remain unaware or refuse to open their eyes to it.

“But they will change their tune if their information is stolen and the criminals demand cash in return for giving it back.

“And of course these criminals can be anywhere in the world so it can be extremely difficult for British police to catch them.

“Our advice is never to pay a ransom because it encourages the criminals to come back for more.

“The best thing is to become Cyber Essentials-certified which is a starting point and offers protection against the common threats. Other more advanced protections are of course available.

“In the same way that a business’s physical security is taken extremely seriously, so ought cyber-security.

“With more people now working from home there is even more risk as many home workers won’t be covered by their business’s cyber security.

“The NCSC is an important organisation and its warning really should be heeded by British businesses, of all sizes.”

Picture Matt Horan of C3IA Solutions