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Hampshire and Dorset are rich in people, places, and products. Here’s at Focus Magazines we like occasionally to focus on a bit of history and great places for our readers to visit.

“Rufus Stone” is a place name often seen as folks travel the A31 across The New Forest. But is it worth a detour to visit?

Roving cameraman, Lex McKee, may have been ‘underwhelmed’ by Rufus Stone – after all, there’s not much to this historical artefact – but he was enchanted by the surrounding walks in The New Forest. Worth the trip to see the memorial? No! Worth a visit as a great day out? Yes!

So what’s the controversy? Some scholars think William II’s death was far from accidental. He was not loved, nor did he love the English. Was there a conspiracy to kill the king? Here’s the link to the Wikipedia article for you to make your own mind up!

The most important thing is that this is a great starting place to explore The New Forest (the bits that has trees!) Wear waterproof shoes as much of it is marshy, even in Summer.

Lex has been telling us, “I don’t always drink beer…” but he’s clearly at the Real Ale again as he jumps over the border to Dorset on the way back. WAYLAND’S SIXPENNY BREWERY LTD is most definitely worth a visit – not just for the excellent Ale but also for the imagination and humour that has gone into the bar.

Treat yourself to a great day out in The New Forest – and to a great free magazine: Focus Magazines (covering Fordingbridge, Verwood, and Ringwood.)

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