Focus on Friday: Perfect Picnics

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Blog

After months of only being able to meet up outdoors, we’re now into the Summer and outside is exactly where we want to be!
Let’s make the most of it then with good planning and some fun accessories.

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• Research your perfect picnic spot carefully.
How far is it from the car park and is there a charge for parking? Are there toilets?
Can you bring your dog?
Is there somewhere to shelter if it’s too hot or there’s a sudden shower?

• Pack everything you need for the day:
a lightweight waterproof (just in case),
warmer layers and the all-important face mask and hand-santiser.
A plastic bag for your rubbish will be handy too.

• Decorate your picnic area with battery-powered fairy lights, lanterns and some bunting.
Get comfy with camping chairs or deck chairs, using your picnic basket as a handy side table.
Music adds atmosphere so take a Bluetooth speaker.

• Bring along games that all the family can play.
Rounders and croquet are great, or organise a
treasure hunt, play hide-and-seek, or set up an
old-school egg-and-spoon or sack race.

• The best picnic food? Anything you can eat
with your fingers.
mini pies,
chopped vegetables with dips,
fruit and something sweet, for example.

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