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by | Jun 22, 2021 | Blog

The longest day in 2021, for us in the Northern Hemisphere, is the 21st June.

In Hampshire and Dorset, we’re fortunate to never be far away from farmland. Farmers understand well the importance of the Summer Solstice – the longest day. The 21st of June gives them the most light to see by in order to nurture their already developing crops.

Farmers understand “The Law of Harvest” and can teach us much about marketing our businesses.

Businesses are affected by “The Law of Harvest” just as much as our agriculture is. In marketing, for example, there’s a time to sow, a time to grow, and a time to reap. It’s a long game – well symbolised by the longest day – halfway through the Astronomical Year.

Of course, the Law of Harvest is not so obvious in business. We often expect quick wins in a way that any farmer would laugh at. What would you think of a Farmer who sowed yesterday and expected a harvest today?

Advertise once and you may expect new customer enquiries to come flooding in – instant fruit (or return on investment) from the seed you’ve sown. It can happen! We have some precedent that drives us to accept this illusion. For example, many students will cram before an exam – and get results! They may have bunked off all term and then suddenly got serious just before some key exam or assessment.

The problem is that cramming can work… allegedly. The issue is that they get their certificate but miss out on their education. The results don’t last. The results aren’t sustainable.

Play the Long game

Instead, the wise student realises that their education is a long-game. Each idea, like a seed, must be nurtured by their own thinking before it can truly bear fruit in their experience. Sustainable results require sustained effort. In a similar way, effective marketing takes place over four seasons. It always has a Spring Season where the message is ‘sown’ in the marketplace for the first time. Summer Season follows up on the initial success of the seed springing up through the soil. The wise Marketing businessperson will give attention to the seed, nurturing it – nurturing those relationships – to grow strong and tall above the competition.

Then, after six months, the Autumn begins, bringing us the Season of Mellow Fruitfulness. And Winter, which may seem quiet, is nevertheless spent in preparation for the next Spring.

Sow your brand-seeds through print and social media, then be like the Farmer and give those seeds strong support until the fruit begins to be harvested. Then keep up your efforts so that new seeds in fresh soil will give you harvest after harvest after harvest.

Print, promote, rinse, and repeat! This is The Law of The Harvest.