Empower Workplace Solutions Ltd

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Community News

After a 20 year career in specialist palliative care and oncology, Michelle Smith has recently started her own business Empower Workplace Solutions Ltd. The services provided help organisations to better support staff who are balancing work with pre or post bereavement and those who working whilst caring for a loved one.

When sharing why she has chosen to move from a nursing career to set up her own business, Michelle reflects on hearing from patients, families and friends who have frequently fed back that they have been poorly supported in the workplace – not because organisations didn’t want to support but, they did not know how to support. This all too often led to those individuals feeling that they had no choice but to leave their roles.

Many would have felt that starting a business in the middle of the pandemic might be a huge risk and whilst Michelle agrees it has been an incredibly difficult time, it has been the pandemic that pushed her to start on this new journey. Michelle says “If we were not getting it right before the pandemic, we are even less likely to now”.

With 1 in 8 of us bereaved since the onset of the pandemic and with 1 in 3 line managers saying they feel unprepared to deliver emotional support to their team members, there has never been a more important time to ensure this area of care is given much more focus.

To find out more about the services delivered, you can visit the website at, follow the social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram or email Michelle on