Dorset LEP funding supports trade with the EU

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Community News

Dorset LEP funding supports trade with the EU, creates and safeguards jobs and attracts new funding to Dorset

On 1 January 2021 the transition period with the EU ended, and the UK now operates as a full sovereign nation. In view of the new legislation, the Port of Poole needs to adapt to ensure the current and future needs of the port’s business is met.

Dorset LEP has invested £2.15 million to fund a Public Trade Office and a Border Control Post to more effectively manage and safeguard trade between the European Union (EU) and Poole for the future. The new trade office and border post will create and safeguard jobs while attracting new businesses to Dorset.

Lorna Carver, Dorset LEP Director says: “The economic benefit of ensuring a viable port in Poole for the future is a significant one. Our resilient Dorset businesses which currently trade through the port, and businesses hoping to export and import in the future, should have access to an efficient and secure gateway to Europe.”

Bob Cripps, Poole Harbour Commissioners Chair, says: “These two projects at Poole Harbour are vital works. Construction of the Public Trade Office will maintain the commercial viability of the port and establishing a Border Control Post will enable secure trade with the EU.”

In order to be able to facilitate the flow of freight traffic between the EU and the port, there needs to be extensive freight clearance facilities. Therefore, current customs facilities on the port must be re-constructed. The Public Trade Office facility will enable efficient and effective processing of this freight, a process provided by Poole Harbour Commissioners and to be operated by UK Border Force.

A further portion of Dorset LEP allocation, match funded by Poole Harbour Commissioners, will fund the construction of offices and welfare facilities for 46 port staff (stevedores, foremen, port operations and accounts), replacing existing facilities which will be demolished to enable construction of a Border Control Post facility. The demolition and replacement of these existing facilities is essential in order to free-up the required footprint of land necessary to construct a Border Control Post to be operated by UK Border Force.

Construction works are progressing well, and UK Border Force are currently operating from temporary facilities which have been provided.