These are the expected dropoff dates for the Focus Magazines during 2024. We will text the team a few days before to confirm these dates still apply.

If you are not in, we’ll leave the magazines in a safe place of your choosing/on the doorstep. We can wrap the boxes if it’s looking likely to rain. Note that we are unable to say an exact dropoff time, but it will usually be in the morning.

Magazine AreaIssue MonthDrop off Date
RingwoodJul/Aug 24Thu 04-Jul
FerndownJul/Aug 24Thu 04-Jul
VerwoodJul/Aug 24Thu 04-Jul
FordingbridgeJul/Aug 24Thu 04-Jul
SalisburyJul/Aug 24Thu 04-Jul
RingwoodSep/Oct 24Thu 05-Sep
FerndownSep/Oct 24Thu 05-Sep
VerwoodSep/Oct 24Thu 05-Sep
FordingbridgeSep/Oct 24Thu 05-Sep
SalisburySep/Oct 24Thu 05-Sep
RingwoodNov/Dec 24Thu 31-Oct
FerndownNov/Dec 24Thu 31-Oct
VerwoodNov/Dec 24Thu 31-Oct
FordingbridgeNov/Dec 24Thu 31-Oct
SalisburyNov/Dec 24Thu 31-Oct