Anthony’s Quiz from The Horse and Groom, Woodgreen, New Forest, makes further charitable donations, taking the total so far to £7,500

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Community News

Since the start of the pandemic, the weekly pub quiz from The Horse and Groom, Woodgreen has collected money for NHS Charities from its patrons live in the pub, from those participating online, and from sales of the Woodgreen Lockdown Quiz Book. These collections have been supplemented by generous contributions from Jason Schinkel, the landlord of the Horse and Groom.
The three NHS charities that the quiz supports are NHS Heroes in Bournemouth, the Salisbury Stars Appeal and the Friends of Fordingbridge Surgery. Each of these will shortly be receiving a further £1,000 each, to add to the £1,500 previously donated, taking the total to £7,500.
Anthony Swift, who runs the weekly quiz, said today: “I’m incredibly grateful  to all those who have supported us – to our regular customers who come and do the quiz live in the pub, those who join in online and to all those who have bought the book. This is a terrific total to be able to send to local charities which support all who work so hard in the NHS to protect us, and who have endured such unremitting pressure over the past two years.”
The quiz is presented live in The Horse and Groom every Tuesday at 7.30pm (booking a table is advised on 01725 510739), but those unable to join in person can follow live at or every week on Wikiquiz at, or on the Wikiquiz Facebook page.
The Woodgreen Lockdown Quizzes, a collection of over 30 pub quizzes from The
Horse & Groom Woodgreen, is now available on Kindle as The Woodgreen Lockdown Quizzes eBook: Swift, Anthony: Kindle Store