80-Hymnathon Ringwood Parish Church

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Community News

A year ago I lost my Mum to cancer after a short illness. My Dad, John Birch, has been an organist for 65 years and turned 80 earlier this year and, in memory of my beloved Mum, as well as to raise money for Cancer Research, he will be playing 80 hymns at Ringwood Parish Church from 2pm on Sunday 19th September 2021. I am incredibly proud of him for taking this on as music is a passion he shared with my Mum, so I know it will be very difficult for him.
He set out to raise £500 for this worthy cause and to date has raised over £2,000.
I would love to surprise him by getting this covered by the local news in hopes it will raise more funds for this incredible charity.